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Posted by: StumpBaby on 2021/03/01 09:26:37  

In Reply to: Re:virus posted by RRP on 2021/02/28 20:50:01

Hold on Ron,

Let me try and first figure out how smart blocks of ice really are. Sometimes, with real serious science like this, tricky sh*t like string theory, anything bitcoin or nanoparticle related, and some rather advanced gazebo repairs, it’s best to pick a theory first and try and work towards that proof.

To that end, I’ll start by assuming ice is indeed dumb. Like everything in life, you need to look at somethings history to know it, right. Ice wasn’t ice until it got really, really cold so, first off, it obviously left the house without a coat, not the smartest thing, we can agree. Secondly, ice if left to its own devices, seems to naturally avoid all forms of squares, even those with very slightly rounded corners. You would think this made them smart somehow right. The real answer is quite the opposite, because I believe long before the ice was ice, humans hunted the water, herded it into little blue trays and stuck them in their freezers all over the country. So the water was damned stupid right at the start, and since it stands that you can’t get to stupid ice without going through stupid water, we’ve now proven how stupid ice is. Listen, I know I simplified stuff a little, using a microcosm if you will, of the overall real environment. The science bears out this extrapolation though, Blocks of ice are what, as compared to ice cubes, just plain more, right. Now, it would stand to reason that as more and more like-minded water collects in any given area, they’re either gonna be all smart and totally avoid detection, or be all dumb and get caught right away. Unfortunately, since they’re all caught right away, they needed to go into bigger molds, aka blocks. So it stands to reason that as ice gets bigger, it gets more stupid. See, basic science.

Now Ron, Check you freezer, if you have ice cubes, I’d say your way,way smarter than a block of ice, right?


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