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Posted by: StumpBaby on 2021/02/14 07:44:42  

In Reply to: Re:Valentine's Day! posted by RRP on 2021/02/13 22:35:34

Ron. I had a girl like that once. You have to either take the nuts out or stop randomly rubbing the fudge all over her face. I get it, over time, just feeding each other normally seems like a chore, so you start mixing it up a bit, Next thing you know, your sitting across from each other, randomly rubbing fudge all over each other’s faces, hoping SOME gets in the old pie hole, You’re probably smart keeping it to super bowl Sunday though, just cuz it only happens once a year, sort of limits the choking hazard to that one day, right? Still, I can’t help but want to warn you, it’s only a matter of time before complete and utter debauchery ensues. The very last time we did this, the fuzzy little misses stump, got entirely out of control with her fudge handling. At first I thought, who IS this fine-chin-haired women, this newly aggressive queen of fudge, three chins be damned if she can handle fudge like that, right? Alas, later that evening, just when I was thinking maybe I’d get just a little taste of her rough cat tongue, alas ,.. just as I’m getting undressed, random fudge fell from around my underwear area. A great debate quickly ensued, things that should have never been said, were said, things like “we have like three Super Bowls worth of fudge, why would I smuggle some in my pants” or the ole’ “it IS fudge, look at the nuts, wait, smell it!” or “I don’t know what, why, and how much fudge people can hold in their a$$, your the one “that’s lived”, “besides if your hiding all your extra fudge there, at least it makes your breath make SOME sense ( it was right then that I knew, that cat tongue was rough indeed). Still, I knew she still loved me, cuz she STILL let me keep all that fudge to myself, She might have hidden it on me herself, but she still understood Finders Keepers rules, so there was hope ....


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