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Re:Hey, it's a pork butt!

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Posted by: Bordello on 2019/10/10 00:26:18  

In Reply to: Re:Hey, it's a pork butt! posted by RRP on 2019/10/09 19:04:00

Hi Ron,
As usual I am the odd ball. I enjoy the low and slow. If I can do a 20 hour cook I love doing it. Even if it goes bad I love the process and the results when it goes well. Hell I don't sleep well anyways. I did a brisket once for about 23 hrs. No guru back then, just set the stove timer and check on it every few hrs. I'm a KOOK, what can I say. Each of us should do what we enjoy so turbo away if that is what y'all enjoy & I'll stay up, have another toddy & enjoy the smoke.

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