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Welcome Newbies!!!!

Welcome Newbies!!!!

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Categories Pork Baby's Got Back Ribs
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Baby's Got Back Ribs

Mybest "knife and fork" baby back ribs.

  • Full rack baby back ribs (3 to 6 racks) with the membrane(pleura) removed -directions below
  • Dry Rub
    • All are very good, but if not creating your own, Emeril\'s rib rub is the one I like best (sweet and hot)
  • Apple cider (16 oz)
  • Honey (Have enough to pour over the smoked ribs.  I use one small container per rack)
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Green Egg Rib Rack
  • Large Aluminum baking dish (square one for cooking large turkey)
  • Bar-b-que sauce.  Again, personal preference.  I prefer \"Bone Suckin Sauce-Thicker Style\".
  • 2 handfulls hickory wood soaked in beer (30 minutes)
  • 2 handfulls cherry wood soaked in beer (30 minutes)
  1. How to remove the pleura from the back of the ribs. (You may ask the butcher to do this for you).  If already removed skip to step 2.
    • Rinse the ribs with fresh water and pat dry with paper towels.
    • Turn over so that the pleura side is facing up
    • Take a small sharp knife and gently apply pressure cutting from one end of the ribs to the other going at a 90 degree angle with the bones.  Make the cut approximately a half inch from the edge.
    • Gently pull back the pleura and peel it off
  2. Take dry rub and apply very generously to both sides of the ribs, remembering the addage that too much is just right.
  3. Set aside while the fire is prepared. 
  4. Place fresh Green Egg charcoal into the green egg.  I actually fill almost to the top of the \"fire ring\".
  5. Drain wood chips and using place wood chips in a spiral orientation extending from the center to the outside over the top of the \"UNLIT/COOL\" coals.
  6. Light the center of the coals as you typically light the green egg.
  7. Place the platesetter unpside down above the coals, followed by the grill.
  8. Leave the bottom vent and the top open completely until the temp is 200 degrees.
  9. Once temp reaches 200 degrees, close the bottom screen completely and the screen cover to leave approximatey 1/4\" opening.
  10. Place daisy wheel on top open approximately half way.
  11. Once temp reaches 225 to 250 degrees, close the daisy wheel such that only the small \"eyes\" are open on top and the screen is open 1/4\" on the bottom.
  12. Temp needs to stay around 250 to 275 so adjust accordingly.
  13. Once temp is 250 place the rib rack directly on the grill.  The wood chips should be smoking nicely by now.
  14. Place each set of ribs into the rack with the \"fatter side\" up so that juices run down.
  15. Cook for 2 hours at 250.
  16. Take rib rack off grill and close.
  17. Take each rack carefully out of rack and place, one at a time into the aluminum baking container.  Don\'t worry if they break in half.  Place \"upright\" on their side in the baking container.
  18. Pour honey over each side of the ribs til all are covered.  Sprinkle more of the same dry rub over the edges.
  19. Pour 16 oz of apple cider into the bottom of the pan.  Should cover maybe a half inch along the bottom.
  20. Cover dish with aluminum foil.
  21. Place on grill and cook about 2 more hours at 250 to 275 degrees.
  22. Remove container from grill and place on adjacent table.  Be careful to not spill any liquid. 
  23. With the grill top open, take each rack and place on grill. 
  24. Brush each side of the ribs with your barbque sauce and grill each side about 2 minutes.
  25. Place on serving dish and they are ready to eat.
Number Of Servings:4 to 7Source:
Vegetarian:NoTime To Prepare:
Date:Mon 01 Jun 2009 18:27:55 UTCViewed:17730 times
Rating:4,64 (22 votes)

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CaptainpowderComment added on: Mon 18 Jan 2010 02:58:59 UTC
This is the second time I have cooked on my BGE. I was a little nervous about temperature control but was able to regulate between about 185 early on to 150 and all I can say is WOW!! The baby backs came out beautifully tender without falling apart and the flavor was wonderful. This is a great recipe and I am blown away by the BGE!!
RufusXComment added on: Fri 26 Mar 2010 20:28:09 UTC
Awesome recipe, thanks!! I've tried two rib recipes so far from this forum (new Egg user) and they have both been great.
sajeepguy1Comment added on: Mon 16 Aug 2010 01:04:01 UTC
Those were the best ribs I've ever tasted and my entire family was in awe!
dontdigComment added on: Sat 28 Aug 2010 22:59:12 UTC
This is a "Great" recipe! I have cooked these ribs several times and they keep getting better and beter each time! Dont be afraid to use the same cooking method with different dry rubs and bbq sauce till you find the combo you love... Thanks for posting this great and easy recipe! Our family and friends love them.
grokComment added on: Tue 12 Jul 2011 17:29:41 UTC
not bad, this being my first attempt at ribs on the egg. I think maybe ribs could do better with a lower temperature. Some bits seemed overcooked -- or perhaps I needed a fattier rack..?
BoomerTheWeimComment added on: Sun 11 Sep 2011 14:42:29 UTC
Is it ok to swap apple cider for apple juice?
kate21677Comment added on: Wed 22 May 2013 00:11:57 UTC
We are getting our BGE delivered's a Father's Day gift for my husband (really for me!!) and I can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks for the specific directions...for a newbie like me, they are perfect!!!
kate21677Comment added on: Wed 22 May 2013 00:14:08 UTC
We are getting our BGE delivered's a Father's Day gift for my husband (really for me!!) and I can't wait to try this recipe. Thanks for the specific directions...for a newbie like me, they are perfect!!!
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