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BGE Forum Drama Club?

Platinum Egger

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Posted by: WooDoggies on 2010/07/20 10:22:37  

Hi Folks, I'm considering putting together a bge forum drama club. For some time now I have felt this forum has needed a lively injection of some sort... and this idea came to me.

I think, first and foremost, the bge forum drama club should exist to promote drama on the forum. If just a handful of folks joined in and created a dramatic forum character, we could turn this forum back into the lively board we once knew.

Below is a rough draft transcribed from notes on a couple Atlantic City cocktail napkins. Sorry for the lack of structure but it was a late night and the spilled kamikazes blurred some of the ink.
Read over the notes and please help me formulate more guidelines and refine those listed below.... here goes.....

Becoming a drama club member would entail posting in the spirit of at least one of the guidelines.... incorporating more than one guideline into a single post would be bonus.

BGE Forum Drama Club guidelines......

~With every post, regardless of topic, the drama club member would attempt to steer attention back to himself while highlighting his infinite talents and boundless ego.

~The drama persona would easily take offense and respond with self-righteous fury..... think classical Shakespearean theater.

~Infighting .... very important... nothing physical... but bitch slaps would be okey-doke .

~Beating a dead horse at every opportunity... with a dash of histrionics.... drama is the key word here.

~Strive for petty discourse and splitting of hairs to the nth degree over the minutiae of nothing.... this should be a cinch and drive the forum wild.

~Toss in a trifle of mean-spiritedness and name calling.... no need to go overboard, though... a little will go a long way and will likely leave a lasting impression..... more would probably do permanent damage.

~Blow most topics out of proportion and demonize those who disagree with your opinion... in character, your opinion will always be correct....

~The drama club character will lose himself in the infallible belief that he will, sure as Gibraltar, convince the other party of his argument by always posting The Final Word.

~Never ever, ever apologize.... can't stress it enough..... strike that word from your vocabulary... unless an apology is required from another forum character..... it only shows weakness and isn't nearly as dramatic as trashing others to distract from one's perceived faux pas.... perceived because a drama character would never make a mistake... the only mistake would be the others mistaken belief that your character did.
(Last resort..... if your persona absolutely feels a need to apologize, in the name of theater, qualify it with a disclaimer.... i.e. "I'm sorry, but......")

~ Reacting!!!!.... ALWAYS react first..... knee jerk or otherwise.... very important.... thinking before posting simply isn't entertainment.....

~Ballyhoo arrogant, holier than thou nonesensicals and then kindly bestow them like little gifts to those who weren't aware they needed the priceless kernels of hooey in the first place..... you know, a Jekyll and Hyde tragicomedy kinda thing.

Lastly and probably most importantly.....

~Treat people on the forum in a manner that you would never dream of treating people in the real world.... unless you choose, at your peril, to stay in character in the real world.... but that's not recommended.

~Utterly losing sight, or choosing to ignore, the reasons why people come to this forum in the first place....

Well, it's a start. Anyone interested in joining can contact me here or off board.....Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted and considered by the vetting committee..... which would be me. And If no one objects, as a temporary measure and until we get up and running, I've gone ahead and appointed myself president-for-life of the bge forum drama club. There are openings for secretary and sergeant-at-arms.

Cheers and here's to the beginning of the BGE Forum Drama Club..... let's liven up and this forum!


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