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Posted by: RRP on 2020/09/10 20:09:29  

In Reply to: Re:Bordello Bob is MIA posted by Carolina Q on 2020/09/10 19:51:23

I just got a 3rd call back from the sheriffs's dept and someone knew Bob and sent someone else to his apt. His next door neighbor said he was taken to a local hospital - NOT a VA clinic - 3 days ago and "he will probably be in there for a couple of weeks"! whatever that means!

I then called the clinic where he is and after 3 phone calls which never went thru I called again and a nurse went down and asked if his phone wasn't working since he never picked up. She said his reply was "whoever it was can call back...I'm eating..."

At least we know he is eating...

Dunlap, IL
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