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Posted by: ozegg on 2020/09/08 00:43:19  

In Reply to: Re:Sourdough posted by Florida Grillin Girl on 2020/09/04 09:26:51

Thank you everyone.

What I can say is the egg is great for baking artisan style breads. Both my sourdough and NY style bagels come out amazingly.

I'll detail some tips for the egg, but for the baking side I recommend you buy Peter Reinhart's Bread Bakers Apprentice. Also my sourdough has gone to the next level after getting the ebook Open Crumb Mastery http://www.breadwerx.com/open-crumb-mastery/.

Back to the egg. First and foremost I have a kiln shelf that has been cut to size so that it can easily hold two loaves. Secondly I only put the shelf in about 25 minutes before I'm going to bake, because if you heat it up for too long before you bake the bottom of the bread will cook before the top due to the way in which the egg heats.

A benefit of the way in which the egg heats is for steam generation. I have a stainless steel pizza tray that sits on top of a pizza stone on my spider from CGS. I use a garden sprayer with a metal sprayer inserted into the egg to pump hot water onto the tray on the stone (the lid is basically closed except for the gap where the sprayer is inserted). The tray is so hot and generates a lot of steam (this part is a little dangerous due to the possibility of scolding). I have the daisy wheel on with the small holes open. This is to help trap the steam and create the perfect environment for the first 20 minutes of the bake. I also inject more water onto the tray at approximately the 10 minute mark. Once 20 minutes is up I remove the daisy wheel and aim to keep the egg at around 400f.

Before I put the bread in I aim for temperature of 500f. This allows for the reduction in temperature caused by the steam generation and the use of the daisy wheel.

I now slash my loaves directly on the stone, this helps to reduce the risk of damaging the shape of the loaves and their internal structure.

The usual bake time is around 45-50 minutes give or take.

If anyone has any other questions please ask. Cheers.

Melbourne, Australia

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