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Posted by: Florida Grillin Girl on 2020/08/29 11:05:09  

In Reply to: Gyro Meat - pic heavy message has embedded images posted by Boatman on 2020/08/29 08:32:05

That is some nice work there, Boatman. They look good to me. What was it that made you think that they were just OK?

Your fixins look great but I will say that I have never seen lettuce on a gyro before.

I have wanted to make gyro meat for a long time, but I like Alton Brown's recipe and also Kenji's from Serious Eats.

Here is a good write up on the texture of the meat:

https://www.seriouseats.com/2010/06/greek-american-lamb-gyros-homemade-from-scratch-the-food-lab.htm l

This recipe:


Your pics make me want to try this. Thanks!

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