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Welcome Newbies!!!!

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Egghead Treasure - Fire Ash message contains a link

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Posted by: Spring Chicken aka Printemps Poulet on 2020/01/08 17:13:40  

Having lived on a farm in my early life, my occasional recollections not only give me a certain amount of joy, but they remind me of what I learned about how our ancestors survived by simply making do with what they had on hand or could create. They obviously created a lot.

One thing they did extremely well was to pass on to each successive generation a trove of always helpful and sometimes absolutely necessary information in order for them to live as comfortable as possible.

Perhaps the most important information passed on to a million or so generations was about fire: mostly how to control it and use it for their own good.

We modern humans, know the basic science behind fire, but in today’s technologically enhanced world we’ve lost sight of most of fire’s basic values to mankind. Fire, in its most basic form, made it possible for our species to survive untold challenges and live increasingly longer more complex lives.

Those basic uses of fire were pretty clear: warmth, cooking, light, protection, and even a tool of defense or aggression against other humans. They still are today.

But during that same period, they managed to find many practical uses for the fire ash that resulted from their fires. And through countless generations, fire ash usage continued to contribute to human’s will to survive and be self-reliant. There seemed to be no limit of welcome uses for fire ash, almost all of which we continue to use in some form even in the 21st century.

If what I’ve written so far suggests that I like and appreciate fire. Of course I do. I suppose everyone does. But as of today I appreciate it even more after reading this article written by someone who has obviously done his homework.

As Eggheads, we generate fire ash each time we fire up the Egg. Perhaps it’s time for us to think twice before tossing the ash from our fires, and instead, put the ash to good use.

If you like to know more about how humans went on to create so many uses for fire’s by-product ash, you will enjoy this read. Here’s the link.

You’re welcome.

Printemps "Fire In The Egg Fire In The Egg" Poulet
aka Spring Chicken
aka Hey You

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