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Posted by: Zippylip on 2013/03/04 08:01:40  

In Reply to: My new winter grill message has embedded images posted by Carolina Q on 2013/03/03 21:00:30

Michael, regarding the limitation to hot & fast, don’t be so quick on the draw; your kettle & now your joe are phenomenal indirect cookers. This is the mistake I made (& most people make) when thinking about metal charcoal grills. For me it dates back to being a kid, I learned like most people by watching dad. He dumped the coal in the center, lit it, then spread it evenly therefore he had one cooking temp & the burgers or whatever else went on & cooked at that temp. Somewhere along the line I happened upon the coal banking idea & it opened up the true versatility of the kettle (and the joe) beyond anything I would’ve otherwise known.

It’s very simple. Add the lit coal to one corner of the grate, maybe ¼ to 1/3 of the total area depending on what you’re cooking. Add the food to the cool zones of the grid which is the majority, then put the lid on with the exhaust opposite the fire. Your hot smoke will then draw over the food beautifully. All vents wide open for hot smoking, closed a little for cooler, just like an egg…

While you can smoke at lower temps I’ve come to prefer hot indirect smoking with a bank of coals. I find the egg to be much better/easier for the lower temp smoking. On the webers, due to the larger grid sizes & the far larger grate sizes, these cookers allow you to bank a ton of coal in a relatively small area of the cooker giving you a very hot zone for intermittent direct (for laying down the crust/sear) while giving you most of the grid space for indirect. I frequently put all courses of a dinner on all at once & simply spin the grid in the order I want the food cooked.

Here’s an example of one dinner, some fish, some chicken & some veggies. ¾ of the grid is indirect with ¼ being the hot zone:

Here’s a loin, some burgers & corn. Just spin the grid…

You get the idea:

Works for the joe too, here’s the first experimental cook I did. I add maybe ½ a chimney full of either briquettes or lump, some smoking wood, then pop on the grid. Here, the fuel is spread out over about ½ the grate, I’ve since started confining it to less area by stacking it higher allowing for more indirect grid space.

After you’ve cooked the food a quick spin of the grid gets you direct heat, no f’n around with plate setters or other baffles:

Here’s a bad cell phone picture from the other night, but you get the idea, easily fits 5 full pieces of Italian sausage on half the grid. This is hot & fast, let it go at full temp for maybe 20 minutes or so indirect with the exhaust over the food to draw the hot smoke over the food, then for the last few minutes remove the lid, spin the grid, & put a nice char on the food if wanted:

happy in the hut

West Chester Pennsylvania

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