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Posted by: Florida Grillin Girl on 2012/04/09 14:48:42  

First things first, we had to crack the champagne, a Brut rose~

Onto the food. I bought a 6.5 lb. boneless leg of lamb - here it is just about to get rubbed up with EVOO, garlic, fresh rosemary, S&P:

Jeff is building the fire, he puts 2 large chunks towards the bottom and more charcoal on top of that:

Some cheese and smoked mullet spread:

Gotta have the hot sauce!

The lamb on the egg:

4 pork tenderloins that I marinated in a balsamic marinade. Thye recipe- http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/marinated-pork-tenderloins.htm

Pulled them at 135 internal~

Time to eat!

A toast - Happy Easter!

The weather was perfect so we dined al fresco~

The pirate showed up and tried to steal some pork

You need sunglasses just to look at the next pic, it was so bright and sunny~ oh, and I made a cilantro mint sauce to serve over the lamb - http://leitesculinaria.com/47421/recipes-lamb-chops.html

Max was a good boy during dinner, asleep in the cool grass~

Aftr dinner, my SIL, Kim tried to beat my niece in arm wrestling, this time the teenager won!

And for our dessert, we had pie and a mint julep ice cream that I made. It was very refreshing~

We made more happy memories yesterday.
Thanks for lookin.

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