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KamadoJoe Gasket Burn Test message has embedded images

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Posted by: Grandpas Grub on 2011/09/27 18:18:52  

After the KamadoJoe gasket install I had some left over material and decided to do a burn test.

Here is the BGE felt gasket after applying a MAPP torch to the gasket. 15 seconds with a 15 to 18 inch distance.

BGE Nomex 15 seconds 15 to 18 inch distance and then 30 seconds at the same distance

Now for the KamadoJoe gasket. I put more heat on the KamadoJoe gasket than I did on the BGE Felt or BGE Nomex. It is hard to get an accurate temperature reading on a soft material but the IR read 1280°. MAPP burns at about 2900°. The torch tip is a Turbo which produces a wide burn as opposed to a pencil point burn.

This is 30 to 40 seconds, distance of 2 to 3 inches.

As you can see in the picture the gasket material is stuck to the upright and no over-burn or spreading occurred. The gasket material was cool to the touch within 15 seconds of taking the heat away from the gasket material.

After doing the tests on the BGE felt, BGE nomex and the KJ I am impressed with the KJ gasket. Without question I would choose the KJ gasket for the replacement.

One last thought... Another material to use would be the 'blanket' material sold when using a mapp torch for plumbing repairs in existing walls.

I wonder why BGE won't/can't come up with a viable solution.


Eggin in the High Desert, Utah ~ Cross Roads of the West

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