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Picanha's delight on The Mini message has embedded images

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Posted by: Beli on 2011/09/03 22:42:05  

Picanha, Rump cover or rump cap is a cut of beef that is in some countries considered to be the best part of the steer or heifer (even better than filet mignon) due to its marked flavour. Weighing just over 1.5 kg, It is famous and well liked in South American countries, especially Brazil where it is known as "Picanha" in portugese or picaña in spanish.

Just Salt & Pepper nothing else, you just want that delicious beefy taste..........a few diamond cuts on the fat cap

Sliced & ready for the spades........

Seared on the Mini at 600* F direct, no grill, 90 seconds/side

Pulled and reserved for 20 min.

Meanwhile Grace & Valeria got some delicious puff pastry divinities with caramelized onions, parmessan, tomatoes, dill, rosemary * EVOO. Now this were fantastic....

Grace also fixed a very refreshing cold Gaspacho......

Back to the Mini, Pulled at 135* internal, the juices were all over...accompanied with a nice rioja.....

Pear & lettuce salad with blue cheese, almonds, cranberries,

This is by far the best beef I've had......

Celebrating Grace's B'day & coming of age.... ... a wonderful day with best friends Grace & Mike.......

Grace just got back from Seville...yes she got me this T'shirt....meaning lack of sex screws your eyesight.....very funny......


Monterrey, México.

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