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Description:Sugar Brine
Ingredients:Canning salt White sugar Water
Instructions:Ratio is as follows. Make more or less keeping in proportion. 6 Tablespoons canning salt (Morton\'s pickling and canning salt) 6 Tablespoons white sugar 1 Quart fresh water Stir ingredients together until dissolved. Handy to place meat in plastic Ziplock bag, pour in sugar brine, seal and place in frig required time. Sugar Brine time rule: 30 minutes per 1 inch thickness of meat. Example; Pork chop 3/4 inch thick will brine 20 minutes. Steak 1 inch thick will brine 30 minutes. Chicken 1.5 inches thick will brine 45 minutes. When time is up rinse meat in fresh water and pat dry with paper towels. Cook as you would normally. Remember that the meat is salted. Suggest you season with salt free spices and then add salt at the table as needed. Enjoy!
Notes:Best to use natural meat free of 12% solution tenderizers. All meat will become more tender, juicy and flavorful after a sugar brine. Don\'t over-shoot sugar brine time, set a timer.
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