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Slap n\' Dash Turkey Chili

Made this one day using a lot of pantry items.  You can subsitute the type of beans, and tomatoes...as well as, add hot peppers and spices.  This is very mild as directions reflect. 

I browned the ground turkey on stovetop.  You could of course do this on the Egg as well.  \'Pre-Egg\', I got rave reviews for my multiple bean, mild base chilis, so I\'d say it\'s at least this or better.

Named \'Slap n\' Dash\', because you slap it together, and can dash around doing other things. (Except for a few stirs).



48 oz.     Ground Turkey (browned)

1 T          Chopped Garlic



7 oz.       Frozen Diced Onion

10 oz.     Frozen Diced Green Pepper



15.5 oz. Black-Eyed Peas (rinsed/drained)

15.5 oz. Kidney Beans (rinsed/drained)

15.5 oz. Great Northern Beans (rinsed/drained)

15.5 oz. Pinto Beans (rinsed/drained)

56 oz.    Petite Diced Tomatoes (with juice)

24oz.     Tomato Puree

28oz.     Chunky Crushed Tomatoes (I used ‘Furmano’s w/basil, garlic, and oregano’)      

1 jar       Heinz Chili Sauce

½ Can    Yuengling Lager (or beer of your choice)



3 T          Ground Cumin

1-1/2 T   White Pepper

1-1/2 T   Garlic Powder

1 T          Ground Coriander

1 t           Ground Smoked Paprika

1 t           Ground Sweet Paprika

1 t           Ground Chipotle Pepper (optional)

1 t           Cocoa Powder (optional)

                Salt (to taste)


Egg setup Indirect with Platesetter (legs UP).  Ceramic BGE feet on platesetter, then Dutch Oven on BGE Ceramic feet.   350 dome.  Add wood chunks as you desire (with lid ‘off’ to help with smoky flavor).


Brown ground turkey, drain grease.  (I did this on stovetop, but can be done on BGE)


Combine all remaining ingredients in 7qt. (or larger) Cast Iron Dutch Oven.  Stir.


Add browned Turkey meat.  Stir.


I started with the ‘lid on’ for first 30 minutes, then ‘lid off’ for another  2 hrs or so.  Stir and keep an eye on things periodically.  If too thin, possibly remove lid to allow for evaporation. 


Serve as is, or over Rice; garnish your preferred combinations of shredded cheese, sour cream, and cilantro.  Enjoy!

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Vegetarian:YesTime To Prepare:20-25min.
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