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Zippy Burgers

3 pounds of sirloin steak;

1 pound of bacon;

1 white onion;

Worcestershire sauce;

Salt & Pepper.

Instructions:Cut steaks into 1 inch strips and spread out.  Lay a piece of bacon on each strip.  Cut onion into about one inch pieces.  Feed the steak/bacon strips into a meat grinder & add a piece of onion at the same time for even distribution.  Add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce with each piece of meat.  Form into 16 quarter-pound burgers, salt & pepper to taste. 
Notes:Because of the bacon, I would cook to interntal temperatures safe for bacon. If you are a rare-burger lover, you will still enjoy this as the bacon will keep it very moist & juicy. Top with or without cheese.
Number Of Servings:16Source:Me
Vegetarian:NoTime To Prepare:20 minutes
Date:Sun 09 Nov 2008 17:35:12 UTCViewed:7599 times
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