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Killer Smoked Pot Roast
Description:This is a simple yet delicious recipe for Pot Roast with a twist.

4 pound pot roast, fat trimmed
1 lb baby red potatoes, whole
1 lb baby carrots
onion to taste
herb rub
2 cups beef broth


set the egg up for indirect cooking using lump charcoal and hickory chunks.

trim the fat from the roast and rub liberally with herb rub,

once the egg reaches 425, place the roast on the grate and close for an hour.

while this is cooking marinate the potatoes, carrots, and onion in a bag with the broth and additional herb rub. transfer to a large cooking pan. Once the roast has cooked for an hour at 425 transfer to the an and cover with foil. reduce to 320 and cook until done, 2-3 hours. remove from egg and let stand for 20 minutes

carve and enjoy!

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nocturtleComment added on: Sat 05 Mar 2011 04:26:55 UTC
Tried this tonight. Had a 2 lb. pot roast that my wife bought in a 2 pack and she had crock-potted the other one for some family the night before. The cooking time is off, took me more like 3 1/2 hours after moving the roast into my pot. But it turned out amazing, never had a roast with a nice smoky flavor like brisket!
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