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Quick Start - Navigating the Forum

Module Positions

The forum has four areas of the page that can be individually controlled to show, hide, or collpase  the content according to your preferences.  Once you change these settings, the combination of settings you've chosen will be saved in a "cookie" and used for any pages you view in the future.  You can change these settings at anytime.  They will be saved auto-magically anytime any individual setting is changed.

If you delete cookies in your browser, the settings will revert back to their defaults.

Egghead Forum Style Options (Toolbar)

The Forum Style Options control group can be found in the upper right hand area of the page.  The control group will always be visible no matter what areas of the page are shown or hidden.

Hides or displays the header area.
Hides or displays the left sidebar area.
Hides or displays the right sidebar area.
Hides or displays both the right and left sidebar areas with a single click.
Selects the contrast for the page, either light, medium, or dark (see images below).
Selects the font size for viewing. There are four font sizes defined: small, medium, large, and largest.
Selects the width for the page. There are three width styles: narrow, wide, and fluid. Narrow and wide are fixed with styles. Fluid sets the display width to the width of your browser window.

Collapsable Modules

There are currently two collapsable module positions: UPDATE CENTRAL and EGGFEST CENTRAL.

Collapsable modules are indicated by an up arrow or down arrow just to the right of the module title.  Clicking this arrow will either collpase or expand the module contents.  When collapsed, you will only see the module title and the control to expand the module.

These settings will be remembered auto-magically.

There is one sitiuation where theses modules will automatically be displayed... it is when there is an update to the contents of the module.  For instance when a new eggfest is added you will see the module expanded with an "UPDATED" icon displayed next to it.

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EggtoberFest Recipes

Wise One has compiled the recipes from some of our past EGGtoberfests for your enjoyment and they're available right here!

Note: Wise One's cookbooks are published as "PDF" files which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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