Welcome To Our New Site!

We have already created member profiles for all of our forum visitors, and, for each image gallery user as well.

  • If you had a userid and password from the image gallery, then you may use them to login to our new members area now.

  • If you had a forum visitor profile, it is here also; but, as there were no passwords protecting the old profiles, you will need to supply one before it can be activated. And, once activated, your profile can be used only with the password you select. Hopefully, this will prevent others from using your profile. Only other registered users will be able to view your profile information.

  • If you had both an image gallery login, and, a forum visitor profile, then, it's a bit more complicated. In this case, your profile information may already be associated with the image gallery login; or, it may not. If either, a) the handle matched the userid, or, b) the email addresses matched, then we were able to combine your forum profile information with you gallery login, and, your are "good-to-go."

  • Otherwise, both member profiles are here. As noted above, your gallery login should be active now, but your forum profile information will not yet be associated with that userid. To combine your forum profile with your active login, contact the webmaster.